Outside Vermiculture sites – Garden Glea

Outside Vermiculture sites – Garden Gleanings, thank you for the question. Many people utilize an outside habitat for their worms. It is a good way to keep it low maintenance. You are correct that the worms basically will fend for themselves in extreme weather conditions. If it is chilly they ball up together, if it is hot they go deeper into the soil. Basically if you locate the site in a shady area, and provide enough moisture and food – they are your friends for life… http://ow.ly/2MP20v

pot, terra cotta

Upcoming September 2014, Event

On September 17, 2014, I will be making a presentation on Vermiculture for the Fairfield Glade Garden Club, in Fairfield Glade, TN.

I will be taking my worm family, all of whom have the name of “Francis”. I am looking forward to the discussion of vermicomposting being shared with people who already have an interest in improving the world around them. Using their kitchen scraps to improve the soil, to improve their gardens. Whether it be flowers or vegetable plants, the addition of castings to the soil, is a healthy way to achieve their goals.

“Worms: To know them, is to love them.”

Introducing vermiculture leads to a natural discussion of a “whole system” practice, of course, being permaculture. It is easy to explain that vermiculture is one small piece of the larger puzzle. Easy, low maintenance, rewarding ~ sounds like a win-win!

Check out our site www.permaculturejourney.com


pvc tube with holes

tube with half inch holes to allow the red wigglers to come and go

Master Gardener, Fall Festival – Garden

Master Gardener, Fall Festival – Garden worm farm, showing ladybug cover We participated in the Cumberland County, TN, Master Gardeners’ Fall Festival, held September 26, 2014. They featured a whole day of seminar, exhibits and opportunities for the visitors to ask, learn and come back for more fun. Hosting an exhibit for vermiculture, we took our worms “Francis” by name (yes, all of them are named Francis). It enabled us to visit and share the benefits of vermicomposti… http://ow.ly/2MGMte

Master Gardener Event 2014

Master Gardener Event 2014

Permaculture & Vermiculture

Spent the weekend talking with others about Permaculture and Vermiculture. Met a lot of people who are excited about making the world a better place one place at a time. The Master Gardener hosts held a well-organized event. We were able to speak to a group of people interested in the concepts and achievements of Permaculture. We were able to educate  people on the value of the small, but exceptionally import red wiggler (Eisenia Fetida). Much to their amazement, many people were unaware the importance of worms in the garden. We were presented with an award for the “Best Educational Exhibit”! Thank you, Master Gardeners for a great opportunity!

gren plum

The fruit is just starting to appear in the Permaculture Garden – plums, grapes, blueberries, blackberries. These ripened a few days after this photo – they were small, but sweet. The best part is the satisfaction of knowing you planted it, nurtured it and then tasted it! Yum!

Having a friend to share it all with is even better and sweeter!!!

Mind you all is not served up without effort – the horseflies were about and other woodland creatures out for their best interest – but hey – all is fair  – I’m in their house!

Enjoy the goodness the season has to offer – what is your favorite?

Weekend Therapy

This weekend started with a dash to the thrift store to see what pieces were trying to get a new lease on life. A little dragging, scrubbing, painting and un-painting revealed new furniture. Like the new style of jeans that look they are ready to be retired. This furniture ended up looking like the velveteen rabbit, the more worn, the more loved.

I had wanted to experiment with the “Chalkboard Paint” I had gotten, like all things – theory works better than application. The surface is not smooth enough to suit me – but it is acceptable. 

The point of the exercise was fun & experimentation. That goal was achieved, so for under $25.00 a weekend of activity was purchased. I am going to place 2 window boxes in each cupboard, one on the top and one on the bottom. Should be cool. I’ll post when done. Let me know your thoughts.